Information Management for Privacy

Prifender is using artificial intelligence technology to discover and map personal information across networks and systems, both structured and unstructured, while associating identities with their respective obligations so organizations can better manage and demonstrate accountability and compliance.

The Uniqueness of our Solution


Automated discovery and mapping of personal information

Privacy Context

Attach regulations and other obligations to each individual identity in the systems


Map and track the changes of personal information in specific business processes


Always know where personal information is and who can access it

Identity Matching

Using Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Unstructured Data

Identify, map and match identities residing in unstructured repositories

Built for Scale

Built for scale, managing hundreds of millions of identities


Demonstrate to auditors and regulators how obligations are met

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Meet Our Team

Prifender was founded by a team of highly experienced privacy and security experts, and has offices in Bellevue and Tel Aviv.


Omer Matityahu | COO

Sagi Leizerov | Chief Data Solutions Officer

Christopher Glover | CTO

Brian Krafft | VP, Enterprise Services

Ori Branski | CFO

Chandan Golla | Director, Product

Konstantin Komissarchik | Director, Engineering

Tracy Cambron | Director, TPM

Board of Advisors

Prifender's advisors are well-respected technology, privacy and legal leaders.

John Gevertz | Chief Privacy Officer, VISA

Jon Gelsey | Former CEO, Auth0

Odia Kagan | Of Counsel, Privacy Data Security Group, Ballard Spahr LLC

Michael Wolfe | CTO, Ontario Systems

Identity-aware technology explained

Prifender follows four steps to discover, map and identify the identities it will manage. Prifender finds the identities throughout the network and its extensions.


Connect to source systems to build the identities inventory


Regularly crawl and track where those identities reside


Identify copies of those identities across networks


Associate each of the identities with their respective obligations

Use Your Data to Demonstrate Compliance

Once the initial identity inventory is discovered and mapped, Prifender enriches the data by attaching obligations (e.g. regulations, contracts and consents) and meta-data (e.g repository location, data access time stamp, etc.) to each of the identities.


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Identity Matching

Using artificial intelligence and matching algorithms:
  • Scan structured or unstructured repositories.
  • Find and combine identifiers to narrow down unique identities.
  • Match the found identifiers to managed identities, at scale.
  • Schedule and repeat.

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Use Cases

Prifender’s identity aware technology allows organizations to reach new levels of control over personal information throughout its lifecycle with the following features:


An accurate listing of the personal information

Cross Border

Identify what data is moving between geographies


Track which identities are shared with a third party


Associate identities with the regulations that apply to them


Audit activities associated with the identities of interest

Notice Management

Associate each identity with the relevant notice

Data Flows

Track how identities move between systems, employees and suppliers

Choice and Consent

Associate choices made by data subjects across repositories, products and services

Access and delete

Address requests to review records, update identifiers and manage deletion workflows


Identify files containing personal information that can be archived or deleted

Data Quality

Maintain accuracy across repositories by updating the identifiers

Post Breach Impact

Identify the identities impacted by a breach

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We’re looking for dedicated, creative people to join us in changing the way personal information is controlled. Is that you?

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"As privacy moves from policy and law to operations and execution, many privacy professionals are beginning to focus on the "how" of privacy within their organizations."

Gail Magnuson

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