Prifender to hold a roundtable discussion at the IAPP DC Summit

As the cost of privacy violations increases, organizations are looking for ways to effectively implement their policies across business units, as well as be demonstrably compliant with them.  Both of these challenges require automation in day to day privacy management.  This need for automation will make the adoption of technological solutions a central theme for privacy professionals in 2017.

Over several years privacy professionals have been emphasizing accountability over personal information but had limited means for validating it.

2017 represents a shift for privacy professionals as technology offers them new opportunities to track and control the use of personal information across the enterprise.  The timing of this development is not incidental, but it does represent a perfect storm of conditions: the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU with its global span and steep fines coupled with an overall cyber security fatigue lead many organizations to look for data related challenges beyond mere protection.

The progress towards technical solutions moves compliance from “paper-based” solutions, such as policies and contracts, to more verifiable and demonstrable tools that ground risk management activities in the facts of how data is actually used across the enterprise.

Prifender will hold a roundtable discussion on the topic of privacy technology around the IAPP Summit in Washington DC on Tuesday April 18, 2017 from 4-6PM at the WeWork White House, 1440 G St., NW Washington DC.

This roundtable discussion will focus on the tangible opportunities to overcome the challenge of translating regulatory requirements to solutions that can be digitally managed.

The session, Translating Privacy Requirements to Zeros and Ones, includes three well regarded privacy proressionals as speakers: Peggy Eisenhauer, Founder of Privacy and Information Management Services, Kevin Murphy, CISO & DPO of Corning Inc., and Sagi Leizerov, Global Privacy Leader of EY.

Highlights from Prifender’s RSA roundtable in San Francisco

Privacy leaders agree on the link between automation and privacy management

On February 14th, 2017, Prifender held a roundtable discussion on privacy management and engineering. The event featured three prominent privacy officers:
• Michelle Dennedy, VP & CPO at Cisco Systems
• Marcus Morissette, GPO at eBay
• Kevin Murphy, CISO & DPO at Corning Incorporated

Prifender’s Privacy Management Strategist, John Gevertz, formerly ADP’s Global Privacy Officer, moderated a lively discussion following opening remarks from the speakers.
Many of the participants, representing leading fortune 500 companies, agreed that privacy today is where information security was 20 years ago, but that privacy professionals do not have the luxury of 20 years to improve it.

Two related themes emerged from the discussion.
First, privacy should be treated as a business enabler and not as roadblock; or, as put by Mr. Morissette “Don’t ask the privacy leaders what NOT to do, tell them where you want to get and they will help you get there.” The second theme was that at the heart of today’s privacy challenge is a data governance problem that spans over many terabytes and petabytes of data for most companies. Addressing the data governance challenge while enabling the business is not a task that can be met with policies, contracts and training, but rather more effective means are in order. The role of privacy engineering in addressing the current challenge was repeated throughout discussion, with Ms. Dennedy stating that technological innovation is the future of privacy management. There was another area of consensus around the room – it was an exciting time to be working in the field of privacy!


Prifender’s next roundtable will take place on March 14th, 2017, 17:00 at WeWork Moorgate, 1 Fore St, London EC2Y 9DT, UK.

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Come visit us at the Global Privacy Summit 2017, Booth #10

Prifender is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Global Privacy Summit 2017 conference in Washington DC, April 19-20.

We will be showcasing a live demo of our solution, an identity-aware artificial intelligence technology, used to discover and map personal information across networks and systems, both structured and unstructured.

Come Visit us at Booth #10.

We look forward to meeting with you at this exciting event.

Prifender CEO, Nimrod Luria, to Speak at Upcoming RSA Conference


We are happy to announce that our CEO, Nimrod Luria, will participate as a speaker at the upcoming event of the International Association of Privacy Professionals at RSA 2017, on February 13.

Luria will speak at a panel about the new technological approaches to privacy, and elaborate about the topic of emerging privacy technologies for the enterprise.
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Prifender named most promising startup at P.S.R.

Growing startups were given a chance to shine during the IAPP’s annual “Privacy. Security. Risk. Conference” held at the San Jose Marriott and San Jose Convention Center earlier this month.

During the event, the IAPP held its first-ever Emerging Privacy & Security Technologies Tech Fair within the Exhibit Hall of the Convention Center. Attendees were able to visit with the competing tech vendors, and then vote for the most promising startup within the privacy and security industries.

After the responses were tallied, the winner of the inaugural IAPP Tech Fair vote was Israel-based startup, Prifender.

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