Leading data architect to join Prifender as Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Glover, formerly of eBay and PayPal, to join Prifender
Prifender is thrilled to announce the joining of Christopher Glover to its management team as the company’s Chief Technology Officer.
Christopher brings to Prifender experience spanning product development, data management, architecture, operations and compliance.
Christopher’s passion for reducing organizational friction concerning the use of corporate data assets while maintaining very high compliance with internal and external policies and regulations makes him the perfect professional to lead Prifender from a technology perspective.
His experience working closely with compliance functions to understand the limitations on data usage and creating infrastructures that enable teams to maximize the value of data will be a great asset to Prifender’s own customers.
“Chris brings to Prifender a unique mix of capabilities. He has dealt with the volumes of data that only large eCommerce websites such as eBay can generate, while also possessing the necessary data-discipline that comes from working with financial institutions from his work at PayPal” says Nimrod Luria, Prifender’s CEO.
In his role as Prifender’s CTO Christopher will be working directly with Prifender’s deployment team, forging the company’s technology to meet each customer’s unique data needs.