Prifender showcased its AI GDPR solution at Microsoft’s event.

On November 7, 2017 Microsoft held an event for its partners on the topic of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in its Executive Briefing Center in Brussels.  The Microsoft GDPR Partner Event was dedicated to the ways by which Microsoft is enabling its partners and their customers to meet the requirements of the GDPR with Microsoft 365.  This full day event included an update on the GDPR and its impact on companies globally, as well as presentations of related solutions.

The key theme for the event was the need for collaboration, both with Microsoft and among the partners, to address the wide range requirements of the GDPR and harvest the opportunities it presents.  Prifender, a Microsoft partner, was invited to present in the event and demonstrated its ability to work with the Office 365 security mechanisms for addressing GDPR’s breach notification requirements.

The live demo of the hybrid solution, Prifender and Office 365’s DLP, was focused on the challenge of identifying the right individuals for notification under the GDPR’s Articles 33 and 34.  Prifender acted on an alert that was generated from the Data Leakage Protection tool of Office 365 regarding a compromised document that contained sensitive customer information.  While the document did not include any contact information of the compromised identities, Prifender was able to quickly identify the individuals impacted by the breach, and then analyzed the data for different notification requirements under the GDPR.

Prifender’s presentation delved into the GDPR articles that address individual rights and accountability requirements, and how Artificial Intelligence can be used to address these articles on three distinct levels – the individual data subject, the business process and the enterprise as a whole.  The presentation challenged the current top-down approach for addressing risk and compliance, and stressed the importance of arming professionals from the security, privacy and data fields with tools that are relevant for today’s information challenges.

The event’s theme of collaboration underscored Prifender’s key objective of aligning with the different information technology environments that can be found across organizations and industries.