PAPI - Privacy API

PAPI - Privacy API

Rapid Identity Access

Many organizations today are struggling to make sense out of the personal information they keep in their repositories. There are many applications who may benefit from having access to Prifender's rich identity inventory. For this reason, Prifender developed PAPI: a privacy API that is aimed to assist applications with rapid identity access.

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Prifender's API Calls

Self-service Data Subject access portal

Provide all private information of data subjects that an organization has to a dedicated portal, non-related to Prifender’s UI, for individuals to query

Data for workflow initiation systems

By utilizing Prifender’s API, systems such as Archer can access relevant data and initiate proper workflows

Connectivity for DLP solutions

Enabling DLP solution to query Prifender’s database empowers the solution to cover more use cases and to stop potential violations

Integration with security and eDiscovery tools

Data accumulated in Prifender can enrich other security and eDiscovery tools

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