Highlights from Prifender’s roundtable in IAPP DC Summit

On April 18th, 2017, Prifender held a roundtable discussion on privacy  engineering. The event featured three prominent speakers:

• Kevin Murphy, CISO & DPO at Corning Incorporate
• Peggy Eisenhauer, Founder of Privacy and Information Management Services
• Sagi Leizerov, Global Privacy Leader of EY

 Prifender’s Privacy Management Strategist, John Gevertz, formerly ADP’s Global Privacy Officer, moderated a lively discussion following opening remarks from the speakers.
Many of the participants, representing leading fortune 500 companies, agreed that technology will be the key enabler in light of emerging regulations such as the GDPR.

Two related themes emerged from the discussion.
First, that a “risk based” approach to addressing GDPR and other emerging regulations will fail.

The second theme was that at the heart of today’s privacy challenge is a data governance problem that spans over many terabytes and petabytes of data for most companies. Addressing the data governance challenge while enabling the business is not a task that can be met with policies, contracts and training, but rather more effective means are in order. The role of privacy engineering in addressing the current challenge was repeated throughout discussion, with Ms. Eisenhauer stating that technological innovation is the future of privacy management.