John Gevertz joins Prifender as Privacy Management Strategist

Mr. Gevertz will work directly with Prifender’s clients on the adoption of the technology, as well as collaborate with the Prifender team on the company’s strategic development and growing global footprint.

Prifender is thrilled to welcome John Gevertz as privacy management strategist. Mr. Gevertz will advise the company not only on compliance considerations, but will also be involved in setting the company’s strategic direction and the company’s interaction with its growing client base.

Mr. Gevertz, the first Global Chief Privacy Officer for Automatic Data Processing (ADP LLC), brings years of experience dealing with complex and data-rich environments. This experience greatly complements Prifender’s enterprise solution – an identity-aware technology that actively maps an organization’s data and its movement and is set to automate many of the activities of the privacy office.

Mr. Gevertz noted that Prifender’s solution reflects the importance of linking accountability in privacy management with an organization’s ability to truly control its data. “As the amounts of personal information that companies are processing increasingly grow, and as the risks and obligations associated with that data continue to evolve, privacy professionals must adopt tools that will allow them to track what is truly happening with personal information throughout its life cycle,” noted Mr. Gevertz. “Policies, contracts and employee training alone are only the starting point in the path to being truly accountable for the personal information of customers, employees and other stakeholders. Prifender’s product is a great example of the promise technology holds for managing privacy in a complex and dynamic environment.”

As ADP’s Global Chief Privacy Officer, Mr. Gevertz has provided legal advice, as well as operational and strategic guidance to world-wide ADP business units on a wide range of privacy, cybersecurity, information management and related issues. He has been responsible for privacy policy and compliance programs; strategic product support including privacy-by-design, multinational platforms and data analytics; privacy incident management; and health data privacy. Mr. Gevertz speaks regularly to industry and legal groups on privacy, risk and data security topics.