Prifender to hold a roundtable discussion at the IAPP DC Summit

As the cost of privacy violations increases, organizations are looking for ways to effectively implement their policies across business units, as well as be demonstrably compliant with them.  Both of these challenges require automation in day to day privacy management.  This need for automation will make the adoption of technological solutions a central theme for privacy professionals in 2017.

Over several years privacy professionals have been emphasizing accountability over personal information but had limited means for validating it.

2017 represents a shift for privacy professionals as technology offers them new opportunities to track and control the use of personal information across the enterprise.  The timing of this development is not incidental, but it does represent a perfect storm of conditions: the General Data Protection Regulation in the EU with its global span and steep fines coupled with an overall cyber security fatigue lead many organizations to look for data related challenges beyond mere protection.

The progress towards technical solutions moves compliance from “paper-based” solutions, such as policies and contracts, to more verifiable and demonstrable tools that ground risk management activities in the facts of how data is actually used across the enterprise.

Prifender will hold a roundtable discussion on the topic of privacy technology around the IAPP Summit in Washington DC on Tuesday April 18, 2017 from 4-6PM at the WeWork White House, 1440 G St., NW Washington DC.

This roundtable discussion will focus on the tangible opportunities to overcome the challenge of translating regulatory requirements to solutions that can be digitally managed.

The session, Translating Privacy Requirements to Zeros and Ones, includes three well regarded privacy proressionals as speakers: Peggy Eisenhauer, Founder of Privacy and Information Management Services, Kevin Murphy, CISO & DPO of Corning Inc., and Sagi Leizerov, Global Privacy Leader of EY.